<July 16, 2005>

Riveted HS (The Chair Flys)

A very productive day today. I was able to get my HS riveted... wooohoooo! I am very happy with the results of the riveting, and at the end of the day, the chair flew!

My replacement HS-710 finally riveted into place.

The front spar assembly clecoed to the left skin.

The three blind rivets that hold HS-708, HS-702 and HS-707 together.

I had a hard time getting a bucking bar into the HS to rivet the skin, so I ground down the side of my small bucking bar on the disc sander. It worked like a charm.

The results of my first attempt at skin riveting. There is virtually no dishing/denting of the skin around the rivets, and I am very pleased with the results.

Both the left and right skins now attached (and riveted) to the front spar assembly.

In goes the rear spar assembly. This was easy to rivet as you can squeeze all these rivets.

This thermometer isn't that accurate, but it was smokin hot is the shop today. It was certainly over 100-degrees.

My buddy Darren came overhead in his Laser. Thanks for the show darren... really... I appreciate you rubbing your flying airplane in my face while I rivet in this heat... thanks! =8^)

The last rivet in the HS (for now).

Like I said, I couldn't be happier with my riveting today... the skins are almost perfectly smooth.

Dan Checkoway may have his flying hammock, but I have my flying chair!