<July 12, 2005>

Replaced HS-710, More VS Edge Finishing and Dimpling

I received my replacement HS-710 today, so I got right to it. Having already done it once, it is amazing how quick this went together. I had the tapers cut, flanges bent, and holes drilled in about 30 minutes where it took me 2 hours the first time. I will prime it (HS-710) tomorrow and should have installed by Thursday (I hope).

After that I comleted the edge-finishing on the VS parts and started dimpling the understructure. You need to dimple the web of the aft VS spar and countersink the stiffner. It wasn't hard, but it took a few minutes of looking at the plans to make sure I did it right.

My new HS-710 ready for match-drilling.

The bottom several holes of the VS stiffener (VS-808) get countersunk, and the spar dimpled.