<July 3, 2005>

Riveting HS Rear & Front Spar

A quick visit to another RV-7 builder at the airport this morning yielded a handful of AN470AD4-7 rivets, so I am back in business. I finished riveting the HS rear spar, and then got to work on the front spar. The front spar was going great until I had to attach the 404 and 405 ribs. The rivets are a bit tough to get to, but after gently bending the flanges a little (as the instuctions state) I was able to rivet them with the squeezer. I have one rivet that doesn't look so good but I will wait until tomorrow, when I am rested, to fix it. All in all a good day!

All riveted and hinge brakets installed. Doesn't that just look nice?

Front spar(s) riveted to HS-710 & HS-714.

The front spar with the 404 & 405 ribs attached. I had to bend these ribs out of the way to get to the rivets.

Can you see the bad rivet? Top center of the picture... shop head is too small. I will drill it out and replace it tomorrow.