<June 26, 2005>

Priming and Deburring

I didn't bothter to record the time, but I have spent the past few nights scrubbing the bad primer job off the parts with MEK. I hate that stuff, but at least the primer is off and the parts are once again ready for another go at it. Yesterday while at lunch I stopped by the local auto body paint store and picked up a desiccant filter for my air line. Between the desiccant and my homemade condenser, I was hoping to eliminate the issue of water in the air lines I was having last week. Apparently they worked because I didn't seem to have water problems, but it was a much less humid day and I am sure that had a lot to do with it as well. I also got a chace to use my Burraway for the first time... what a time saver that is! I was able to deburr both HS skins in about 15 minutes. It surely would have taken me at least double that had I had to go the normal route of deburring a side at a time.

After another day of priming, I am not so sure I like the AFS Primer/Sealer. It is water-based, it IS very easy to clean up, and it is much more environmentally friendly, but I am just not happy with the way it sprays and coats the parts. You need to spray it in many light coats, and sometimes it takes on a splattered rough texture, with a finish much like flat latex paint (at least it did for me). I've seen another builder's AKZO primed parts and they were beautifully smooth with a just a touch of a sheen to them. They look really nice, and I was hoping for a finish more like that. I am sure I and/or my equipment is largely to blame, but I really don't want to spend a ton of time debugging primer issues. The parts I sprayed today are good enough, and I am going to call AFS tomorrow for some advice, but if the results turn out like this again, I will probably switch to a different product.

After washing the parts with Dawn (again), I used the AFS Etch/Cleaner, rinsed them off, then hung them up to dry.

This is what the parts looked like after a few light coats (fog coats).

Almost done... a few thin spots to touch up.

The skeleton primed and the skins deburred. I have a few spots on the inside of the skins that got pretty scratched up. I smoothed them out with some ScotchBrite and I am going to hit those areas with a little bit of primer tomorrow.