<June 24, 2005>

Burraway Arrives

EDIT: I write this note many years later to let people know that while at one point I favored the Burraway, I cannot recommend its use anymore. I had the blade on mine malfunction (jam) while a friend was helping me deburr a skin, and it totally trashed the skin by countersinking the back side of every hole as he pulled it out. Unfortunately, the unit gave no indication anything was wrong, and it was only upon inspection of the skin that we noticed the problem. I don't think the Burraway is a bad tool, I am just not sure it is good idea to use it on the relatively thin skins that we have in RV kits. As usual, your milage may vary.


Last week, after realizing how tedious deburring can get, I ordered a Burraway from Cogsdill Tools. The Burraway is a little tool that use in your drill to deburr both sides of a hole in one pass. How? See below...

Here is the 3/32" Burraway next to a cleco (for scale). At around $50, I only ordered the 3/32" for now, but if I like it I will probably order the 1/8" version too. If you order one of these, make sure you ask for the "Neutral Rake" blade as it is designed specifically for aluminum.

Close up of the blade. The 2-sided blade is spring loaded, when the tool enters the hole the front blade deburrs the outside of the hole, then the blade collapeses into the tool's shaft and pops back up on the other side. When you pull the tool out of the hole, the rear blade deburrs the inside of the hole. Slick huh!? I drilled a hole in some scrap, and tested it. It seems to work very well, with no burrs left behind on either side of the alumimum.