<June 22, 2005>

Built Air Line Condenser

After last weekends priming debacle, I've spent the past few days researching ways to get the water out of my air lines. After asking around and searching the RV-List archives, I decided to build a condenser out of 50' of copper refrigeration tubing and a bucket. The idea is for the warm moist air from the compressor to enter the condenser where the copper tubing, submerged in a bucket of ice water, lowers the temperature of the air and the water which is in vapor form condenses and can be collected before it is sent downstream to the spray gun or air tools.

The finished product. I cut the copper in two and joined the halves at the bottom with a valve for draining the water. The idea is that the water will condense and flow to the bottom where it can be drained.

Here is what the copper tubing looks like. There is enough space in the middle to sink a frozen jug of water.