<June 8, 2005>

Trimming the HS-404s and Rough Assembly of the Left HS

It's good to be home and back in the shop. We were in Colorado for a wedding for a few days, and with nine of my college fraternity buddies in attendance it was quite the party. Ok, back to airplane building.

Here are the two HS-404s after trimming. If I had to do this again, I would trim much less now, and then trim more as needed during assembly. See below and the construction log for June 12th for more information why.
The HS-702s and HS-710 and HS-714 after dimpling and countersiking. Be careful here, pay close attention to the plans... lots of people don't and countesink the wrong side of HS-710 and HS-714.
The forward flange of HS-405 marked and ready for pilot drilling. Read the log page for June 12th for more info, but I might suggest marking and drilling the interior two holes (the ones that will attach to HS-702 and HS-404) a little closer together (farther from the edges) than the plans suggest. You also need to be careful drilling the hole the will attach to HS-710. It is possible that you have the proper edge distance on HS-405, but when you match drill it to HS-710 and HS-702 you might have edge distance issues on HS-710. Be careful, take your time, and think ahead.
The left HS skeleton, or part of it, drilled and clecoed, awaiting the skin.
The left HS skin partially clecoed in place. Looks good so far, time for bed.