<June 1, 2005>

Trimming and Bending the HS-702s

Wow, I can't believe today is the first day of June. I managed to get out to the shop tonight for a little bit, and got both HS-702s trimmed and bent. I thought this was goint to be much tougher that it was. I am pretty pleased with the results. We are headed out of town for a wedding, so rather than starting the next step (countersinking HS-710 & HS-714) I stopped here.

Before and after. After reading the directions about ten times before finally understanding them, this turned out to be pretty easy to do.
Again, before and after. Not bad for my first attempt.
Ready to bend.
I just clamped them between some wooden blocks, and bent them while holding a cardboard guide marked at 6-degrees.
Hey, look at that!
I stopped here because the next step is to countersink HS-710 and 714 and dimple the HS-702s. I need to find some scrap aluminum to test my countersinking and dimpling abilities first.