<May 30, 2005>

Riveted HS Bearing and bent HS-710 & HS-714

More HS work today.

First thing this morning, I riveted the HS-411 Brackets and VA-146 Bearing sandwich together. These were the first rivets of the kit, and what I read elsewhere is true, you can't really get a proper sized shop head using the -5 rivets called for in the plans. I moved up to the next size, -6, and they came out acceptable. Dring the process of drilling out the tabs (to #12) I let the drill chuck hit the edge of the bracket and it nicked the powder coat off in a few places. I am going to call Van's tomorrow and order the powder coat touch up kit they sell for like $3.
I then moved on to bending HS-710 and 714. Here is my first attempt at a 6-degree bend... looks good to me.
To bend them, first I measured and marked the bend line, then I clamped them into my vise vertically with the bend line just above the vise jaws. I then pushed the bracket away from me while holding a cardboard template I made to measure the 6-degree angle. For HS-714 I offset my vise jaw a little (pictured) to make room for the flange that would have interfered with my ability to make a bend on the bend line.
When finished with both, I was able to hold them together, and they sat perfectly on top of one another with no gap between the ends, meaing all were bent to the exact same angle.