<May 29, 2005>

HS Rear Spar & HS Front Spar

I had hoped to get more done this weekend, but my replacement drill from Cleveland still hasn't been delivered, even thought they said they would expedite delivery to have it to me by the weekend. Fortunately, my neighbor had a nice air drill I was able to borrow, enabling me to at least get a little done.

The rear spar after drilling. The pnuematic cleco tool makes quick work of moving clecos... much easier and quicker than the cleco pliers. I already feel it was a $25 well spent.
Match drilling HS-411A & B. I still haven't figured out how to touch up these powder coated parts. I have a BBQ to go to this afternoon, and I haven't decided if I want to prime the bearing, so I stopped at this point on the rear spar, and jumped to the front.
After clecoing and match drilling to the front HS spar, here are HS-710 & HS-714 marked for triming (actually one has been rough trimmed).
HS-710 & HS-714 after trimming. I used the disc on my belt/disc sander to do the rough trimming and the lighter belt to finish it off and round the edges. It's BBQ time... yum! I'll pick up here tomorrow.