<May 26, 2005>

HS Construction Begins!

Whooohoooo... I finally got around to doing some real work! Per the instructions, I broke the edges and rounded the ends of HS-609PP. Unfortunately, I had to send my air drill back to Cleveland on Tuesday because of a sticky trigger, and while Cleveland said they were going to ship a replacement, I haven't received it yet. Soooo... I had to stop at clecoing the reinforcing bar (HS-609PP) and and HS rear spar together. I sure hope my new drill comes tomorrow (for the long weekend).

I learned a valueable lesson tonight; The Scotch Brite Cut & Polish wheel cuts through aluminum pretty easy, but it cuts through skin even easier... Ouch! I've have renamed it the cut and bleed wheel. Note to self: Buy thick leather gloves for use around the Scotch Brite wheel.

HS-609PP before and after, althought I wasn't quite finished with the first one here.
Again, before and after.
Hey, look at that, it's starting to look like a.... ummm... uhhh... airplane?
The rounded ends of HS-609PP... ok, they aren't perfect, but they are good enough for government work.