<May 19, 2005>

Tail kit arrived!

The tail kit was delivered to my office todayÖ. Whooohoooo! I knew it would be tight, but the big box just barely fit into the car with my driverís seat moved slightly forward. Letís just say it wasnít a comfortable ride home. When I got home, I could barely contain myself, I felt like a seven year old kid opening presents at Christmas. It took about 2.5 hours to open/unwrap everything, take inventory and get organized. I donít have my tools yet, but if I did, I would have jumped right in and started construction. Where is that tool order?!?!


Box damage, thanks Mr. FedEx! Fortunately nothing inside the box was damaged.

Soooo much paper wrapping material. Did I mention there is a lot of paper wrapping?

FRA-GEE-LAY... ok, name that movie?

At last, I see aluminum.

Wow, that's alot of parts for such a small tail.

There better be something in those boxes for me, or else say good-bye to another pair of your shoes!